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Gellert Kovacs

Berger, Susanne

Birstein, Vadim

Cotler, Irwin

Raoul Wallenberg’s family, the von Dardel

Gann, Christoph

Dr. Craig Graham McKay

Grunberg, Max

Korey, William

Lajos, Attila

Lantos, Tom and Annette

Levine, Paul

Lucki, Simone

Marvin Makinen and Ari Kaplan

Matas, David

Mesinai, Susan

Missing in Action

Parnes, Vera

Petrov, Nikita

Philipp, Rudolph

Rydeberg, Göran

Sakharov, Andreï

Sellem, Denis

Schult, Tanja

Tenenbaum, Baruch

Yosef, Eli

The Swedish Government’s Politicy about Raoul Wallenberg’s Fate.

The Independent Working Group

and also…

The Research