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April 2002

A Life of Sakharov, a Champion of ‘All Free Thinkers’

  • William Korey

Spring Books

By William Korey

April 26, 2002

In early September 1973, 35 prominent Jewish activists drafted and distributed throughout Moscow an extraordinary “open letter” in which they publicly identified themselves with physicist Andrei D. Sakharov, the Soviet Union’s leading dissident, as he faced ferocious hate-propaganda campaigns organized by the Kremlin. The letter sought to assure him of “our moral support and deep respect.” Additionally, a few days later, the leading Jewish scientist-refuseniks, including the distinguished Veniamin Levich (who would later teach at the University of Tel Aviv and at the City University of New York), joined in a statement denouncing the propaganda campaigns as “intimidation of all free thinkers and preparation of public opinion for future repression.”Read More »A Life of Sakharov, a Champion of ‘All Free Thinkers’

Research on Raoul Wallenberg: A Listing of Priorities

  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs Stockholm, Sweden

The Reference Group for Support to Independent Research on Raoul Wallenberg, established by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Sweden in April 2002 in order to advise the Ministry on research grants, has established the following guidelines for evaluating applications in terms of relevance of subjects proposed for research. -> MoreRead More »Research on Raoul Wallenberg: A Listing of Priorities