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November 2000

Raoul Wallenberg was shot in the Lubyanka

    Google translation from russia:
    Chairman of the Presidential Commission for Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression Academician Alexander Yakovlev believes that repressed by Stalin’s regime during the Second World War, a Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg will be rehabilitated by the decree of Vladimir Putin in the near future.
    It is officially confirmed that his committee has a decision this fall about the necessity of rehabilitation Wallenberg as victims of political repression. ” “After that I immediately sent a letter to the Prosecutor General’s Office and told of our decision to the president,” – said Yakovlev told Interfax on Monday.

    “We must finally put an end to this story, which became sharp international and long poisoned the atmosphere”, – said Yakovlev. According to him, despite the fact that Wallenberg had been convicted by a court for political reasons, the legislation allows the RF to rehabilitate him as a victim of political repression.

    According to Yakovlev, the Soviet authorities in the history of the Swedish diplomat who served during the Second World War, the Swedish embassy in Budapest and, using diplomatic status, saved the Nazi-occupied Hungary’s Jews, “finally entangled in lies.”

    Raoul Wallenberg rehabilitated

      Google translation from russia: A process for the rehabilitation of repressed by Stalin’s regime during the Second World War, the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg. On Friday told journalists at the Presidential Commission for the rehabilitation of victims of political repression.…