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October 1989

The Soviet Union should “come clean” on Raoul Wallenberg

    (Extension of Remarks – October 02, 1989)-
    in the House of Representatives-MONDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1989

    Mr. LANTOS. Mr. Speaker, this week we will commemorate the eighth anniversary of the signing in 1981 of historic legislation which made Raoul Wallenberg an honorary citizen of the United States–the second individual to be so honored after Sir Winston Churchill. Wallenberg was the hero of the Holocaust who saved the lives of 100,000 men, women, and children during the tumultuous final days of World War II in Hungary. The decision of the Congress to grant him honorary citizenship was a belated acknowledgment of the enormous contribution he made to humanity.-x Mr. Speaker, William Korey–the director of international policy research at B’nai B’rith International in New York and currently completing a study on `American Policy and the Helsinki Process’ with a Ford Foundation grant–has written an excellent article which was recently published in the Wall Street Journal.