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January 2000

Raoul Wallenberg. Lab-X

    Google translation from russia:

    The mystery surrounding the name of Raoul Wallenberg, Swedish diplomat who is widely known throughout the world through their efforts to save Jews during the Second World War and disappeared in 1945, has not yet been disclosed.
    Wallenberg was arrested by military counter-intelligence SMERSH in 1945 in Budapest and secretly liquidated, I believe ^ in the inner prison MGB in 1947.
    It has been nearly half a century of fruitless investigations conducted by both officials of the KGB, and journalists, but that’s Wallenberg was not found.
    Recently found a letter head of the Intelligence NKGB USSR phytin against SMERSH, who arrested Wallenberg in 1945, with the requirement to transmit it to the disposal of intelligence for operational purposes. However, Abakumov rejected this idea, trying, apparently, attributed to “laurels” successful work with Wallenberg own apparatus.
    Raoul Wallenberg belonged to the famous family of financial magnates who supported from the beginning of 1944 secret contacts with representatives of the Soviet government. Although I do not instructed to develop Wallenberg and his connection with the German and U.S. intelligence agencies, I knew about the contribution made by his family at the conclusion of separate peace with Finland. The nature of military counter-intelligence reports about Raoul Wallenberg and contacts the family said that the diplomat – a suitable site for the recruitment or the role of the hostage. Wallenberg’s arrest, interrogation, obstoyateletva death – all confirmed that there was an attempt to recruit him, but he refused to cooperate with us. Perhaps the fear that an unsuccessful attempt to recruit will become available when you release Wallenberg, forced to liquidate him.
    During the war, our residency in Stockholm had been instructed to find the influential people in Swedish society, which could act as an intermediary in negotiations with the Finns on a separate peace. Then we have established contacts with the family of Wallenberg.