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April 2000

The Independent Working Group

    Makinen/Kaplan: In December, 1993, on a trip to the Vladimir Prison under the accompaniment of Colonel Mikhail Tarakanov, Director of MVD Prisons in the Russian Federated Republic, Makinen interviewed Larina, Varvara Ivanova, a semi-retired sanitarka, who had worked in Korpus 2 since the… Read More »The Independent Working Group

    and also…

      Researchers who participated in the research in Vladimir prison 1990 Vadim Bakatin, the then-Chairman of the KGB, Vadim Bakatin, was a strong supporter of the project. Vladimir Berzon and his daughter Masha, an invaluable translators, and wonderful helpers to Guy von… Read More »and also…

      The Research

        Action by Independent Researchers to find the whereabouts of Raoul Wallenberg After more than sixty years of research we still have no acceptable proof for Raoul Wallenberg’s death in 1947. Some important archives are still to be opened, especially in… Read More »The Research