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October 2001

“Wallenberg case” is not closed

    Google translation:

    The Swedish Government will evaluate their own behavior

    The case of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saves the Hungarian Jews in 1945 and then disappeared in the depths of the Soviet secret police, will continue.The Swedish government announced the creation of a new commission to assess the actions of the country following the arrest of Wallenberg and find out whether everything was done for the salvation of national hero.

    The story that more than half a century is hardly a major stumbling block in relations between Moscow and Stockholm, the Russian side is settled. In January, the two capitals was published by the Russian-Swedish report, endowed almost a decade to work together to determine the fate of Wallenberg. Conclusions of the Russian part of the commission are clear: the Swedish diplomat “has died or is likely died July 17, 1947, and responsible for it” the then top state leadership of the USSR. Shortly before the publication of the report prosecutors Russia Wallenberg rehabilitated as victims of repression.  Swedish experts, in turn, noted that “many important questions remain unanswered and the Wallenberg case” can not be closed. ”  In Stockholm suspect that in Russia there are still documents, access to which the commission has not received.