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October 2009

Letter to 10 Presidents and Prime Ministers

  • Max Grunberg

Your Excellencies, Some of you may be aware of our ongstanding correspojndance with the Europeen Parliament (copies enclosed) and your governments. For your information, with reference to the Russian government’s position on the Wallenberg case, the Russian government has officially rehabilitated Raoul Wallenberg… -> More

The Thorny Truth

  • S. Mesinai, Dr. M. Makinen, S. Berger, A. Kaplan,

On August 28 Dr. Guy von Dardel, Raoul Wallenberg’s maternal half-brother, died peacefully in Geneva, Switzerland, having just reached his 90th birthday. On September 3, at a simple but elegant ceremony at the Eglise Evangelique, von Dardel’s notable contributions were celebrated in a heartfelt eulogy. However, his death received little coverage in his native Sweden, despite his membership in the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences and previous position as Professor of Physics at Lund University.Read More »The Thorny Truth