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Också vår tid behöver hjältar

  • Tanja Schult

Wallenbergmonument Det finns 31 offentliga minnesmonument över Raoul Wallenberg runtom i världen, spridda över fem kontinenter – ett faktum som sannolikt är föga känt i Sverige. Om dem står att läsa i en intressant och angelägen avhandling som tyska konstvetaren… Read More »Också vår tid behöver hjältar

Marvin Makinen and Ari Kaplan

Professor in Biology (Chicago), for the last 25 years tried to free Raoul Wallenberg and find out what happened to him. He was in the Vladimir prison where he first heard about Raoul Wallenberg. He was also an active member in the Russian-Sweden Working Group.Read More »Marvin Makinen and Ari Kaplan

Matas, David

David Matas is a lawyer in private practice in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Human Right expert. He is the author of a report titled “What Happened to Raoul Wallenberg” published in 1998. He has recently written a letter to Minister Cotler of Canada why Canada should be involved in making pressure on the russians.Read More »Matas, David

Mesinai, Susan

In 1991, she co-founded the ARK Project, to seek RW and other foreign prisoners taken illegal captive by the Soviets. Ms. Mesinai and her team were able to determine those few prisoners leaving Moscow 1947-48 who might have been RW or his colleague Vilmos Langfelder under a number or other name.

Read More »Mesinai, Susan

Missing in Action

Public Appeal to individuals who may have factual information about the whereabouts of Raoul Wallenberg

Parnes, Vera

Dr. Vera Parnes was born in Mosow, she had a scientific degrees include a Ph.D., Candidate of Medical Studies in the field of Microbiology, a Doctor of Medical Sciences. She was on the first place and inspriring for teaching in… Read More »Parnes, Vera

Petrov, Nikita

Historian at Memorial, has found documents about Willi Rödel, Raoul Wallenberg’s cellmate in Lefortovo prison. Is one of the greatest living expert on the Soviet Security Apparatus. More about Nikita Petrov: 2013  The Constitutional Court banned the late state secrets … Read More »Petrov, Nikita

Philipp, Rudolph

Helped with great energy, Raoul Wallenberg’s mother Maj von Dardel, to bring his son back home to Sweden.

Rydeberg, Göran

Göran Rydeberg:  PhD in Agrarian History, The report in Swedish was commissioned by Raoul Wallenberg Report of the Swedish-Russian Working Group, the other was presented in Budapest for the international seminari commemorating the 60th anniversary of Raoul Wallenbergs mission in Hungary. My main interest is focused on the international net-work of Wallenberg and his contacts with intelligence organizations and Hungarian resistance movements.Read More »Rydeberg, Göran

Sakharov, Andreï

As a physicist, he had close contacts his collegue Guy von Dardel (Raoul Wallenbergs half brother) . With his wife Elena Bonner they fought to get RW home. They tried to find Raoul, supposedly in a camp near Moscow .… Read More »Sakharov, Andreï