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April 2008

Bilderna av en svensk hjälte

    Raoul Wallenberg återvänder, i form av allt fler monument och utställningar. Men hur ska han gestaltas? Hos Statens ljud- och bildarkiv ger man besökarna flera sinsemellan mycket olika bilder. Läs vidareTextstorlek: Normal textStörre textStörst textSkriv ut I morgon tisdag inviger… 

    Raoul’s Girlfriend: a Historical Footnote

      © C.G.McKay
      In my talk “Three Puzzles” delivered at a symposium on Wallenberg at Utrikespolitiska Institutet in Stockholm in December 2007, I devoted a section to the so-called “Smit Connection”. By this turn of phrase, I meant partly Raoul’s friendship with the young Dutch girl Berber Smit and partly the fact that Berber’s father, Lolle, the Philips manager in Budapest, was an active player in Allied underground activities in Hungary during the war. “The Smit Connection” was yet another vivid reminder- if it were needed!- of how Wallenberg’s mission was carried out against a background of delicate interacting forces, many of which were not readily perceptible. Nor could it have been otherwise, given the situation occasioned by war.

      The Swedish DC-3 & The Destiny of its Crew

        On June 13, 1952 a Swedish Air Force C-47, the military version of the famous DC-3, disappeared while on a secret mission over the Baltic Sea.  After an interrupted code-signal from the plane at 11:25 Swedish time, the plane and its crew of eight men were never heard from again.  The disappearance of this plane, much later known as the “DC 3 Affair,” is still a sensitive chapter in Sweden’s Cold War history.  In spite of evidence from intensive research in the archives of a number of nations, some facts in the DC 3 Affair are still classified or unknown.  Thus the destiny of these men remained unresolved for more than fifty years.