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12. An End in View?

Horthy Stopped Deportation Eichmann was planning a new deportation transport for the Budapest Jews. As Wallenberg discovered this he commissioned a meeting of the heads of the diplomatic services from the neutral states. This was directed by Nuntius Angelo Rotta.… Read More »12. An End in View?

13. The Arrow Cross Revolt

The Failed Ceasefire In order to trick the Russians Horthy planned a ceasefire. On the 15th of October, in a radio broadcast he announced the war was over. The joy and jubilation by the Jews was premature. The Germans kidnapped… Read More »13. The Arrow Cross Revolt

15. The Death March

Germany Demanded Hungarian Enforced Labour Two days following the Arrow Cross coup, Adolf Eichmann returned to Budapest. He wished to complete his task: To exterminate the „Budapest Jews“. The German envoy Veesenmayer drew up an agreement with Vajina. 50.000 Jews… Read More »15. The Death March

18. Eichmann and Raoul Wallenberg

“Shoot The Jewishdog Wallenberg“ Adolf Eichmann became very embittered due to Wallenberg´s activities. Eichmann had never come across such a resistance movement. In the presence of members of the Swedish „Red Cross“, Eichmann threatened the „Jewishdog“ Wallenberg with his life.… Read More »18. Eichmann and Raoul Wallenberg