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13. The Arrow Cross Revolt

    The Failed Ceasefire

    In order to trick the Russians Horthy planned a ceasefire. On the 15th of October, in a radio broadcast he announced the war was over. The joy and jubilation by the Jews was premature. The Germans kidnapped Horthy´s son and forced him to surrender.

    The following day he was sent to Germany in exile. The Arrow Cross leader, Ferenc Szálasi, took over power. Some juvenile Arrow Cross members roamed the streets and murdered hundreds of Jews. The bodies were left on the streets or thrown in the Danube River.
    Wallenbergs Expanded Rescue Actions

    Raoul Wallenberg cycled through te streets of Budapest looking for his helpers. He now had 400 helpers working around the colock for him. In October he organized a department with the name “Schützling Protokoll“. The group was concerned with the needs of the protected Jews. Wallenberg demanded a lot from his workers:

    “Members of this Department must be on duty constantly, day and night, without any respite. If somebody gets cought, he cannot hope for much help. If he does a good job, he cannot expect any thanks.“

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