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15. The Death March

    Germany Demanded Hungarian Enforced Labour

    Two days following the Arrow Cross coup, Adolf Eichmann returned to Budapest. He wished to complete his task: To exterminate the „Budapest Jews“. The German envoy Veesenmayer drew up an agreement with Vajina. 50.000 Jews were to return and work for the Empire. There were no railway carriages available for the deportation. Eichmann decided to let them march.

    The Death Marches Begin

    On the 8th of November the marches began. Later they would be known as the „Death Marches“. They headed for the Hungarian-Austrian frontier, which was a distance of 150 Km. The people were not properly equiped for such long marches. The convoys consisted of many women, children and old people and very soon Death lined the streets.

    Protest And Help From Neutral Countries

    Representatives from neutral countries protested against renewd deportation plans. Raoul Wallenberg, representative for Switzerland and the Red Cross organisation, distributed food, medicine, blankets and „Protection Passes“. They rescued the protected Jews fromt gehe convoys.

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