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17. Rescue from “Enforced Labour”

    Enforced Labour Battalion No. 701

    Following the revolt in October 1944 many Jews were arrested and sent to „Enforced Labour“ contingents, many of which were „protected Jews“. Following protests and efforts from the legation department of the neutral countries, a special „Enforced Labour Battalion“ was set up for protected Jews under the name „Battalion No. 701“. Szálasi acknowledged the protection passes again. The Jews were returned to Budapest. Raoul Wallenberg recognized the genuine alarm by the Salvadorian workers. Wallenberg looked after them, as he did for the Swedisch Jews.

    The Rescue Of The Salvadorian And Swedish Jews

    End of November the „Protected Forced Workers“ were due to be handed over to Germany. As in a previous deportation plan, in November 1944 Wallenberg managed to rescue hundreds of Swedish and Salvadorian Jews. The remainder were deported.

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