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Accueil » NEWS » 16. The End of the “Death Marches”

16. The End of the “Death Marches”

    The Jews that were not rescued from the convoys, ended up in concentration camps, mainly Dachau and Mauthausen. In November 1944, according to a statement from Veesenmayer, 27.000 Jews, both male and female, headed for the Empire. A daily average of 2.000-4.000 people. Senior officer Hoess, head of the lower Danube division, mad a complaint about the marches. He complainted that this „unsuitable contigment“ of half starved, sick trash was severaly incriminating his division. Other Nazis complainted about the manner in which the marches were carried out in the public eye. As result, Szálasi on the 21st of November ordered, from there on women could only be deported when transport was available. With his the organisation collapsed. Over 76.000 Jews had to take part in the marches. Thousands of them died of hunger, were shot or died as result of the cold weather and the diseases.

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