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18. Eichmann and Raoul Wallenberg

    “Shoot The Jewishdog Wallenberg“

    Adolf Eichmann became very embittered due to Wallenberg´s activities. Eichmann had never come across such a resistance movement. In the presence of members of the Swedish „Red Cross“, Eichmann threatened the „Jewishdog“ Wallenberg with his life. This was followed by an official Swedish complaint in Berlin. The Germans envoy, Veesenmayer, stated, that „Wallenberg was wholly comitted to the Hungarian Jewish Cause.“

    Raids On Protection Houses

    Wallenberg and the Swiss Vice Consul Carl Lutz protested on a daily basis to the minister for Foreign Affairs about the raids on the Protection Houses. Also homes for children were raided. In one particular attack on a Swedish house all 180 residents were murdered. In January 1945, following dealings with a „gangleader“ Wallenberg succeeded in putting a stop to the raids.

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