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20. Budapest was Liberated

On the 18th of January 1945 the Red Army took Pest and on the 13th of February, Buda was taken. A total of 119.000 Jews were saved due to the efforts made by Wallenberg and other helpers.


In court cases in 1946 those responible for crimes committed during the war were tried and sentenced to death. Among the officials were Chief of Police, Lászlo Ferenczy, the minister for Foreign Affairs, Gábor Kemény, and Arrow Cross leader Ferenc Szálasi plus the minister for the Interior, Gábor Vajna. The organizer of the extermination plan, Adolf Eichmann, was found in Argentina in 1960. In Israel in 1961 he was sentenced to death. A year later he was executed. The German envoy to Budapest, Edmung Veesenmayer, was sentenced to twelve years imprisonment, in the „Wilhelmstraé.Process“, in Nuremberg. As early as December 1952 Veesenmayer was released due to an intervention from High Commissioner McClay.

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