Letter to the King Gustaf XVI

04-12-2006, by Max Grunberg,

Your Majesty, King Gustaf XVI,

On 17 January 2007, 62 years will have passed since the disappearance of Swedish citizen Raoul Wallenberg, and on July 2007, 60 years will have passed since the “alleged” death of Raoul Wallenberg in Soviet captivity.

I am writing to ask your assistance in requesting your country’s government to actively pursue the search for Raoul Wallenberg by:

a. implementing a governmental policy in order to immediately clarify the fate of Raoul Wallenberg

b. requesting from the Russian government access to all relevant files. c. asking for the assistance of the German government d. circulating the Missing in Action Appeal. -> More
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Letter to the G8 summit

30-06-2006, by Susanne Berger, Susan E. Mesinai, Marvin W. Makinen, Ari Kaplan,

We, the former independent consultants to the Swedish-Russian Working Group on the Fate of Raoul Wallenberg (1991-2001), are today releasing an Open Letter to the G8 Summit. The letter has the full support of Raoul Wallenberg’s family and is signed by international Wallenberg experts, historians and other prominent individuals. In Great Britain, signatories include John Le Carré and Gitta Sereny. In Sweden, Georg Klein, Arne Ruth, Maria-Pia Boëthius and Stig Ekman have signed the petition.
The letter requests the participating leaders to urge Russian President Vladimir Putin to reveal all facts about Raoul Wallenberg’s fate.
We cite compelling evidence that Russia has intentionally misled investigators and that highly pertinent documentation remains in Russian intelligence archives.
Raoul Wallenberg’s arrest sixty-one years ago by Soviet forces in Budapest, in direct violation of international rules of neutrality and diplomatic immunity, constitutes one of the great crimes of Soviet history. On the fiftieth anniversary of Nikita Khrushchev’s famous speech condemning Stalin’s crimes, no state secrets can possibly stand in the way of telling the world what happened to a true hero of the fight against Nazism.
Russia should be called upon to allow an immediate and full review of all records that hitherto have been withheld. Sweden, the United States and other concerned countries have to vigorously insist on access to this material.
The enclosed Open Letter may be published immediately. The full text of the document is being delivered by email to all G8 leaders:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Canada)
President Jacques Chirac (France)
Chancellor Angela Merkel (Germany)
Prime Minister Romano Prodi (Italy)
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi (Japan)
President Vladimir Putin (Russia)
Prime Minister Tony Blair (United Kingdom)
President George W. Bush (United States of America);

as well as the following officials in Sweden:
Prime Minister Göran Persson
Foreign Minister and head of the U.N. General Assembly, Jan Eliasson
Cabinet Secretary Hans Dahlgren

For further information, go to www.raoul-wallenberg.eu or please contact:
Susanne Berger sberger@prodigy.net
Susan E. Mesinai smesinai@hotmail.com
Marvin W. Makinen makinen@uchicago.edu
Ari Kaplan kaplanari@hotmail.com

Answer to the letter from B. Tenenbaum



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Members of Romanov House appeal for rehabilitation of tsar family

27-02-2006, ed. Itar-Tass agency

February 27 (Itar-Tass) – Representatives of the Romanov House have asked the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office to send to court their appeal about rehabilitation of Russia’s last Tsar Nicholas II and members of his family.

A lawyer of Imperial House head Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, German Lukyanov, told Itar-Tass on Monday that « we have repeatedly sent documents to the Prosecutor General’s office addressed to the Prosecutor General with the request to send the rehabilitation case to court with a summary of the Prosecutor’s Office ».

The lawyer cited an article of the law on rehabilitation of victims of political reprisals, according to which a rehabilitation case, if it is turned down, must be sent for a court review.

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Letter to President Putin

21-02-2006, by Baruch Tenembaum,

New York, February 21, 2006

H.E. Vladimir Putin

President of The Russian Federation


Dear Mr. President,

My name is Baruch Tenembaum. I am the founder of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, an educational NGO that counts in its Honorary Membership with more than 70 Heads of State, 70 Nobel Prize Laureates, and distinguished personalities of all walks of life such as Mrs. Nina Lagergren, Professor Guy Von Dardel (Raoul Wallenberg’s siblings) and Congressman Tom Lantos. They all accompany us in this singular enterprise that aims at educating the younger generations on the exemplary behavior of the Saviors of the Holocaust.

After giving the matter a lot of thought and meeting with many world leaders and dignitaries I have decided to write you this letter.

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How to complain

26-01-2006, by Max Grunberg,

Complaining to the Parliamentary Ombudsmen (JO) – Questions and answers

Who can complain?

  • Anyone can complain to the Parliamentary Ombudsmen (JO), you do not need to be a Swedish citizen or even live in Sweden
  • You do not have to reach a certain age before you can complain
  • Your complaint does not have to be about something that affects you personally

Who can I complain about?

  • Government agencies (including courts of law and administrative courts) Local government agencies Officials employed by the state or by local government
  • Others who are entrusted to exercise public authority (exercising public authority involves the use of official powers to decide about a benefit, a right, an obligation, disciplinary punishment or some other comparable situation) > More

MI6 Link doomed Swedish Schindler

15-01-2006, ed. London Times

by Michael Smith, London Times

The Swedish businessman Raoul Wallenberg, who saved up to 100,000 Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust, had close links to MI6, according to documents found in Sweden’s national archives.

The papers include coded messages and transcripts of telephone conversations between Wallenberg and Cyril Cheshire, MI6 ‘s wartime head of station in Stockholm. > More

Don’t mention the war!

01-01-2006, by Susanne Berger, ed. Dagens Nyheter

I Sverige har man på sistone åter diskuterat « myten » kring Raoul Wallenberg. Svenska historiker som Paul Levine och Attila Lajos har undrat om Wallenberg i dag är just så känd som han förtjänar vara, eller om ryktbarheten kommer sig av hans försvinnande. De menar att efterkrigstidens behov av myter har förhindrat en realistisk bedömning av hans insatser, som de menar har överdrivits. Somliga frågar sig om Wallenberg ens hör till gruppen av hjältar i Förintelsens skugga.>More

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Letter to President Putin