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Letter to President Putin

    New York, February 21, 2006

    H.E. Vladimir Putin

    President of The Russian Federation


    Dear Mr. President,

    My name is Baruch Tenembaum. I am the founder of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, an educational NGO that counts in its Honorary Membership with more than 70 Heads of State, 70 Nobel Prize Laureates, and distinguished personalities of all walks of life such as Mrs. Nina Lagergren, Professor Guy Von Dardel (Raoul Wallenberg’s siblings) and Congressman Tom Lantos. They all accompany us in this singular enterprise that aims at educating the younger generations on the exemplary behavior of the Saviors of the Holocaust.

    After giving the matter a lot of thought and meeting with many world leaders and dignitaries I have decided to write you this letter.

    For many years I have been devoting my life to Raoul Wallenberg and have spent much time and money -willingly so- to this cause. My work in this regard has been carried out worldwide, particularly in the western hemisphere. May we ask you that you kindly read carefully the following? We will not live forever. Neither you, nor me. But we can make our time meaningful.

    Raoul’s sister and brother are still with us. We have a responsibility, a duty to ourselves, to our families, to the world and to Raoul. I wish to realise a dream, which has precious little to do with me. And that is to bring Raoul home. I am ready to cover all the expenses from my own pocket. I am not Hungarian and I was fortunate enough not to have lived in Europe during the Holocaust. I was born in Argentina and so was my father. Still, I am willing to do whatever a human being does for his or her own uncle, brother or parent. I am willing (and have proven so in the past) to dedicate time and go to any place that is necessary.

    There is one man in this universe who may solve the mystery: this person is you, Mr. President. Let us forget “diplomatic” interpretations. Raoul is in your country. Raoul is our hero. I plead you to help us. You have the experience, the approach and the access. I am sure you will find the right way to do it.

    I promise that we will proclaim that you did a wonderful act. We will not complain about the Soviet Union’s past. We will portray you as someone who has put an end to 60 years of terrible injustice. The world will applaud you, Mr. President.

    Raoul has to meet his parents. The family has to be reunited.

    Please! Let’s bring Raoul home.

    Baruch Tenembaum


    PS. You may call me at any time.

    Tel Office: 1 212 737 3275

    Tel Home: 1 212 752 0977 / 1 212 888 7856

    Mobile: 1 917 667 1770

    Kings Point: 1 516 487 6071

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