Letter to the President Moshe Katzav

18-04-2005, by Louise von Dardel, Marie Dupuy,

Dear President Katzav

Our stay in Israel and our meeting with both you and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was very important to our family. For the first time in many years we felt a strong, personal commitment for finding the truth about the fate of our uncle Raoul Wallenberg and we are very touched by that.

As you know, a few weeks ago we, together with Minister Nathan Sharansky, met with the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour, in Geneva. -> More
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Public Appeal

11-03-2005, by Max Grunberg,


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Sharon tog emot Wallenbergs brorsdöttrar

Detta är en utskrift från Göteborgs-Posten.
Uppdaterad: 2005-02-02 21:59

Sharon tog emot Wallenbergs brorsdöttrar

JERUSALEM: Israel hyllar minnet av
Raoul Wallenberg med en rad officiella evenemang. Premiärminister Ariel Sharon tog emot den svenske diplomatens båda brorsdöttrar i går. I dag möter de Israels president Moshe Katzav. > More

Prime Minister Sharon meets Relatives of Raoul Wallenberg


Press release from the Prime minister’s Office:

02/02/2005 Photo by GPO02

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, at his Knesset office, met with family members of Raoul Wallenberg. Minister Natan Sharansky attended the meeting.Prime Minister Sharon thanked Raoul Wallenberg’s nieces for their uncle’s many efforts to save Diaspora Jews during the Holocaust and commended them for coming to Israel. > More

The Fate of Raoul Wallenberg

18-01-2005, by David Matas,

(Comments prepared for delivery to the Raoul Wallenberg Symposium, January 18, 2005,

Osgoode Hall, York University, Toronto, Ontario)
by David Matas

The panel I have been asked to moderate is titled « Combatting Racism, Intolerance and Human Rights Violations ». This panel occurs in the context of a symposium titled « Raoul Wallenberg Day International Human Rights Symposium ». The symposium, according to the program, is intended to serve four purposes. One of these is to celebrate Raoul Wallenberg’s extraordinary life and humanitarian contribution. Another is to educate the next generation of Canadian leaders about human rights issues. > More

Search for Swedish Holocaust hero

17-01-2005, by Leonid Ragozin, ed. BBC News in Russia

Leonid Ragozin writes at BBC News; « In 1998, I spent four days working as a translator for a research group trying to find evidence supporting reports that Wallenberg may have still been alive long after 1947 when, according to the official Russian version, he died of a stroke.

Our minivan struggled its way from Moscow to the town of Vladimir through a blinding blizzard, unusual for early April.

In addition to its architectural treasures, this ancient Russian town is home to one of the country’s most notorious prisons – Vladimirsky Central. In Stalin’s times it served as a collector for prisoners before they were transferred to concentration camps in Siberia and the Far East. » -> More
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Uttalande av Utrikesminister Laila Freivalds med anledning av 60-årsdagen av Raoul Wallenbergs arrestering

17-01-2005, by Laila Freivalds, Utrikesminister,

Utrikesdepartementet 17 januari 2005

Laila Freivalds, Utrikesminister

Sextio år har idag förflutit sedan den dag, den 17 januari 1945, då Raoul Wallenberg arresterades.

Redan under vårvintern 1944 hade de första provisoriska passen utfärdats av den svenska legationen i Budapest under ledning av Ivan Danielsson och Per Anger. Med Raoul Wallenbergs ankomst till Budapest i juli 1944 intensifierades de svenska räddningsaktionerna.

Exakt hur många judar som kunde räddas undan Förintelsen tack vare den svenska legationens och Raoul Wallenbergs insatser kommer vi antagligen aldrig att få veta. I ett historiskt perspektiv saknar detta dock betydelse. Viktigt att minnas är att här fanns en människa som var beredd att ägna all sin kraft åt – och till sist också fick offra sin frihet för – en stor humanitär gärning. Eller som det i några korta ord har sagts om Raoul Wallenberg: « En enda människa kan göra en skillnad ». > More

British intelligence (M16/SIS) Hungary nr 1; « The Sword of Turul »


In 1991, at the request of Raoul Wallenberg’s brother, a  joint Swedish-Russian Commission was set up to investigate the fate of missing Swedish Diplomat Raoul Wallenberg. The commission discovered that 3 Hungarian numbered prisoners secretly held in Vladimir prison, Soviet Union had been connected to the Wallenberg case. One of the three Hungarian numbered prisoners  was Karoly Schandl, my father. This is his story.>More