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Mesinai, Susan

    In 1991, she co-founded the ARK Project, to seek RW and other foreign prisoners taken illegal captive by the Soviets. Ms. Mesinai and her team were able to determine those few prisoners leaving Moscow 1947-48 who might have been RW or his colleague Vilmos Langfelder under a number or other name.







    In May 1992, the ARK Project discovered Victor Hamilton, an American-Palestinian and former NSA cipher, in a psychiatric prison hospital 60 kilometers south of Moscow where he had been held for 20 years under a pseudonym.  A doctor had telephoned ARK anonymously, in answer to a radio appeal, to state that she had treated the patient in a closed ward in Moscow in 1962, although he ‘wasn’t really sick”.   The man we tracked had become very paranoid as a result of years of confinement, isolation and KGB interrogation.  Hamilton still considered himself well informed, as he once had been.

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