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The story of Raoul Wallenberg

  • Sandra Boland

The story of Raoul Wallenberg-Eternal Lessons and Inspiration for the Profession of Social Work The Holocaust was an exception in history, a systematic plan to eradicate an entire people, the Jewish people. The Jewish people were the prime victims of… Read More »The story of Raoul Wallenberg

The Swedish Foreign Affair and Interpol

Letters between Interpol, Max Grunberg and the Swedish Government concerning Raoul Wallenberg’s Fate. 2011/08/08 Interpol  2012/11/19 Director General of Swedish Foreign Affair 2012/11/30 Letter to Mr Max Grunberg

Der Retter von Budapest

  • Stephan Löwenstein

Der schweidishe Diplomat Raoul Wallenberg brache Juden in Sicherheit. More>