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01. Introduction about Raoul Wallenberg

    Text written by Christopher Gann

    In Budapest in mid 1944 a major rescue mission began to protect the endangered Jewish community. The rescue mission “Budapest Jews“ was carried out by a group of individuals who personally took responsibility for various tasks. As an outsider one got the impression this was a national or institutional standing. In reality this was not the case, they were mainly dependent on each other. From time to time instructions given from superiors were ignored. Without the support from many helpers the mission would have been impossible.

    Depicted is the desperate struggle, fight against the German National-Socialists and the Hungarian Fascists, as illustrated by Raoul Wallenberg.

    Raoul Wallenberg´s arrival in Budapest initiated the rescue campaign.

    Raoul Wallenberg and Carl Lutz, Giorgio Perlasca and others showed it was possible to show concern and interest rather than being silent and ignoring the inhumanity.

    They put their own lives in danger to help others. In the dark days of the National-Socialists they set an example. They were: “A light in the darkness.“

    Biography, childhood,

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    1. Michelle Wisnia

      I am intrigued by this courageous man and his friends. Are there any documentaries about him that are available? Thank you

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