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Gromyko Memorandum

    Inofficial translation:


    In connection with the request of the Government of Sweden the appropriate Soviet agencies were instructed to conduct an examination and verification of the documents relating to Raoul Wallenberg, which were received from the Swedish side during the Soviet-Swedish discussions in Moscow in March-April of 1956, and also in May of 1956.

    In the process of examination and verification of these documents the Soviet agencies have carried out a thorough review of the archives relating to prisoner records and investigatory matters, in order to find ,any possible information about Wallenberg. Inquiries were also made of many individuals conceivably connected with the circumstances set forth in the documents received from the Swedish side.

    As a result of these measures, however, it has not been possible to find any information relating to the presence of Wallenberg in the USSR. It has been ascertained that none of the individuals questioned knew of anyone with the name Wallenberg.

    In connection with this, the appropriate Soviet agencies undertook a page-by-page examination of the archives of all auxiliary services of some prisons. As a result of this examination, in the archives of the medical service of the Lubvanka prison, there has been discovered a document which there is reason to consider as relating to Raoul Wallenberg.

    Viktor Abakumov

    This document is a handwritten report to the former Minister of State Security of the USSR, Abakumov, written by the head of the medical service of this prison, A. L. Smoltsov, with the followinq content:

    “I report hereby that the prisoner Walenberg, who is known to you, suddenly died last night in his cell, presumably as a result of a heart attack.

    In connection with your order to personally look after Walenberg, I am requesting your direction as to who should be instructed to conduct an autopsy in order to estabtish the cause of death.

    17. Jul. 47

    Head of the Prison Medical Department

    Colonel of the Medical Service Smoltsov

    There is a note on this rcport, handwritten by Smolstov, with the following content:

    “Reported personally to the Minister. Ordered to cremate the corpse without an autopsy.

    17 . Jul.


    It has not been possible to establish anry other information either of a docuntentary or of an evidentiary nature, particularly since aforementioned A. L. Smoltsov died in May 1953.

    Based on the above, it must be conclucled that Raoul Wallenberg died in July 1947.

    RaouI Wallenberg was apparently among other persons detained in the area of the militarv operations of the Soviet forces. At the same time it may be considered indubitable that the subsequent detention of  Wallenberg, and also the incorrect information about him which was given by certain former leaders of organs of state security to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR over the course of a number of years,  – were the result of criminal activity of Abakumov. As is known, in connection with the grave crimes committed by him, Abakumov, acting in violation of the laws of the USSR and striving in every possible way to inflict harm on the Soviet Union, was condemned and shot by order of the Supreme Court of the USSR.

    The Soviet Government sincerely regrets what has occurred and expresses its deep condolences to the Government of Sweden and also to the relatives of Raoul

    Moscow , February 6 , 1957

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