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January 2012

Valery Pasichny’ painting

  • Valery Pasichny

The warm and moving poem “White Doves”, is dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg and his mother Maj von Dardel. The poem’s author, is Valery Pasichny. «Белые голуби» Одиночество и печаль Две подруги мои и судьба Признаюсь, бывает жаль… Себя самого иногда…… Read More »Valery Pasichny’ painting

Kiderülhet a teljes igazság?

Az idei esztendő Raoul Wallenberg-emlékév Svédországban, számos eseménnyel. A The Local című hírportál azonban a programok mellett egy meglehetősen kritikus írásnak is helyet biztosított. Szerzője az Egyesült Államokban élő Susanne Berger német történész, címe pedig sokatmondó: Raoul Wallenberg, Svédország nem… Read More »Kiderülhet a teljes igazság?

John Dobai’s testimony

  • John Dobai

I was born in January 1934 in Budapest and for the first few years I was brought up as a Roman Catholic as my parents converted to Catholicism in the mistaken belief that it would save us from persecution. Many people did the same at the time.

In 1941 my father was sent to a camp in NE Hungary where he, with hundreds of others were made to build airfields etc. and I did not see him for 3 years.Read More »John Dobai’s testimony

Lorraine Borgolini

GULAG You and I are partners We tap on the wall of all souls   Extracting hope from threads of bare hands And broken hearts   The grim sardonic faces of unloved men Exacted their loss on us   Joined… Read More »Lorraine Borgolini

Valery Pasichny’s poem

One picture is named The Righteous (canvas, oil, 50х60), and other the Death Quartet (canvas, oil, 50х60).