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Documents on Raoul Wallenberg made public

  • Regeringskansliet

The Shelves of documents, amounting to some six metres in total length, concerning Raoul Wallenberg will be made public in accordance with a decision by the Government on Thursday.

About 60 000 pages dating from 1971 are being made public today in connection with the presentation of the reports of the Russian–Swedish inquiry about Raoul Wallenberg, which has been in progress since 1991.

The material shows how the Swedish Government and the Foreign Service have tried to follow up every imaginable trace and suggestion over the years. The information that is still coming in shows clearly that the matter is still of current interest.Read More »Documents on Raoul Wallenberg made public

Statsminister Göran Persson kommenterar Wallenberg-rapporten

  • P.M. Göran Persson

Den svensk-ryska arbetsgruppen presenterar i dag sin rapport om Raoul Wallenberg. Statsminister Göran Persson ger följande kommentarer till rapporten: – Raoul Wallenbergs orädda och outtröttliga insatser för att rädda ungerska judar från Nazitysklands förföljelse under det andra världskriget förtjänar att… Read More »Statsminister Göran Persson kommenterar Wallenberg-rapporten

Guy von Dardel’s introduction to the report of the Independent consultants

  • Guy von Dardel

This month the Swedish Foreign Office (UD), will present  the final report
of the Swedish – Russian Working Group on the fate of Raoul Wallenberg (RW)”
about its ten year long investigation. In addition, the four independent
experts to the Commission, will issue separate reports on their findings
based on thorough examination of Russian archives, in particular those of
the Vladimir prison. These investigations cover a period of about 10 years
since the beginning of the Working Group.

There is however a prehistory, stretching back to 1945 when RW was arrested
by Soviet troops in Hungary, and started a long and obscure transit through
Soviet prisons and camps.

While in the beginning the Swedish Foreign Office  carried the main burden
for the efforts to clarify RW:s fate, it soon became apparent that their
efforts had to be supplemented by independent investigations and pressure on
the Soviet Union. In the first place, I should mention Raoul ‘s and my
mother, Maj von Dardel, as well as my father, Frederik von Dardel, his
stepfather, who until their deaths in 1979 carried the heavy burden of
ensuring that everything was done to solve RW:s fate. They were helped by
many ardent collaborators, such as the Czech author Rudolph Philipp who
wrote the first Swedish book about RW:s achievements and was the first to
claim that RW:s later fate was far from certain; and Birgitta Bellander who
organised a joint committee of the major Swedish RW movements. This
initiative, outside of the UD, later evolved into the Swedish RW-Committee,
which for a long time was headed by Sonja Sonnenfeldt.Read More »Guy von Dardel’s introduction to the report of the Independent consultants