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“Wallenberg case” is not closed

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    The Swedish Government will evaluate their own behavior

    The case of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saves the Hungarian Jews in 1945 and then disappeared in the depths of the Soviet secret police, will continue.The Swedish government announced the creation of a new commission to assess the actions of the country following the arrest of Wallenberg and find out whether everything was done for the salvation of national hero.

    The story that more than half a century is hardly a major stumbling block in relations between Moscow and Stockholm, the Russian side is settled. In January, the two capitals was published by the Russian-Swedish report, endowed almost a decade to work together to determine the fate of Wallenberg. Conclusions of the Russian part of the commission are clear: the Swedish diplomat “has died or is likely died July 17, 1947, and responsible for it” the then top state leadership of the USSR. Shortly before the publication of the report prosecutors Russia Wallenberg rehabilitated as victims of repression.  Swedish experts, in turn, noted that “many important questions remain unanswered and the Wallenberg case” can not be closed. ”  In Stockholm suspect that in Russia there are still documents, access to which the commission has not received.

    Many years of work led to a somewhat unexpected result – in the center of attention was the behavior in the Wallenberg case “is not the Soviet, and Swedish authorities. Commentators from the right wing ironic: if the debate will go in the same spirit, perhaps, agree to the fact that the death of the hero is not to blame the Soviet secret police, and his own government. However, the official Stockholm seriously the assumption that the Swedish authorities in 40 – 50-ies reluctantly “Wallenberg case” for fear of spoiling relations with the USSR. Indeed, in the diaries of Swedish Prime Minister Tage Erlander late 40’s, that is, when Wallenberg was probably still alive, references to it almost does not occur. Some Swedish researchers say that Stalin reportedly hinted Sederblumu then after that the fate of the missing diplomat could be discussed, but the Swedish Foreign Ministry chose not to understand the allusions and the topic is not making a big fuss. Some Swedish researchers say that Stalin reportedly hinted Sederblumu then after that the fate of the missing diplomat could be discussed, but the Swedish Foreign Ministry chose not to understand the allusions and the topic is not making a big fuss.

    “Hints of Stalin to the possibility of bargaining over Wallenberg or exchange it for someone in Sweden for more than a hypothesis, any documents that are not supported”, – said the prominent Russian historian and writer Lev Bezymensky, author of a recently published book “Budapest messiah.” This detailed study, published with the assistance of the Russian Jewish Congress – the first in our country book about Raoul Wallenberg. “Another thing is that the position of the Swedish Social-democratic governments of the postwar period, not been very active in the search for Wallenberg, raises questions and justly criticized by the Swedes”, – considers Bezymensky. With this agreement, and the Prime Göran Persson, formally apologized to Wallenberg family for not doing enough of his predecessors and become the initiator of creation of a new commission. It was headed by the provincial governor Vermland Ingvar Eliasson, who is to the end of 2002 to make a formal assessment of the actions of the authorities of the country.

    As for that, it turns out there ever be the full truth about the last years of life and death of Raoul Wallenberg, Leo Bezymensky sure: “Future generations are sure to find the documents that will make a final clarity to the fate of the famous Swede.”

    Its significance for the Swedish nation disclose the circumstances of the death of Raoul Wallenberg is matched only by the disclosure of another murder – Premier Olof Palme. Yesterday, in a newspaper interview appeared DAGENS NYHETER his widow Lisbet Palme, the first after the death of prime minister in 1986. She believes that her husband shot and killed an unemployed alcoholic, Christer Pettersson, who was arrested in 1988 and convicted of murder on the testimony of the widow, also injured at the time of the assassination. But then the court granted the appeal and released him. The effort was again accused Pettersson in 1998 rejected the Supreme Court, whose decision is not appealable. Ms. Palma argues that recognize Pettersson and could not confuse him with someone else. “To call the man a murderer – a huge responsibility, but I took on this responsibility, because I know who the murderer. But now it does not matter, because I do not believe. Some might get the impression that once the murderer is not convicted, then it does not exist. But he is. ” Lisbet Palme said that the investigation into her husband could interfere with politics – too many in power hated Olof Palme, and were not interested in the fact that the offender has been punished.


    Fyodor Lukyanov 26.10.2001

    «Дело Валленберга» не закрыто

    Шведское правительство оценит собственное поведение

    Дело шведского дипломата Рауля Валленберга, спасавшего венгерских евреев в 1945 году и исчезнувшего затем в недрах советских спецслужб, будет продолжено. Шведское правительство объявило о создании новой комиссии, которая должна дать оценку действиям руководства страны после ареста Валленберга и выяснить, все ли было сделано для спасения национального героя.

    Историю, которая уже более полувека является едва ли не главным камнем преткновения в отношениях Москвы и Стокгольма, российская сторона считает исчерпанной. В январе в обеих столицах был опубликован российско-шведский доклад, увенчавший почти десятилетнюю совместную работу по выяснению судьбы Валленберга. Выводы российской части комиссии однозначны: шведский дипломат «умер или скорее всего погиб 17 июля 1947 года», а ответственность за это несет «тогдашнее высшее государственное руководство СССР». Незадолго до опубликования доклада Генпрокуратура России реабилитировала Валленберга как жертву незаконных репрессий. Шведские эксперты в свою очередь констатировали, что «многие важные вопросы остаются без ответа и «дело Валленберга» не может быть закрыто». В Стокгольме подозревают, что в России до сих пор есть документы, доступа к которым комиссия не получила. -> More

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