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PGO rehabilitated Raoul Wallenberg, who was killed in the dungeons of the NKVD

Google translation from russia:

Attorney-General has decided to rehabilitate the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg and his driver Vilmos Langfeldera. This RIA Novosti reported in the Office of Information and Public Relations Prosecutor General’s Office.
After verification, prosecutors concluded that the two Swedes “were repressed by Soviet authorities for political reasons.” In this regard, they are subject to a Federal Law “On Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression on Oct. 18, 1991.

Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg was arrested by Stalin’s regime during the Second World War. He worked at the Swedish embassy in Budapest. Using diplomatic status, Wallenberg saved the Nazi-occupied Hungary, Jews who were sent to concentration camps. He gave them Swedish passports, hiding them in the imaginary Swedish missions, bribed and intimidated the occupation authorities.

Last colleagues saw Raoul Wallenberg 17 January 1945, when he went to meet with the commander of Soviet troops in Budapest. Initially, the Soviet Foreign Ministry claimed that Wallenberg is under the protection of Soviet troops. Then, in a personal note, Ambassador of Sweden, on August 18, 1947 reported the death of Wallenberg in Budapest during the battle for the city.

In 1991 he established the Russian-Swedish commission of inquiry into the disappearance of Raoul Wallenberg.Read More »PGO rehabilitated Raoul Wallenberg, who was killed in the dungeons of the NKVD

Marvin Makinen and Ari Kaplan report 2000

  • Marvin Makinen and Ari Kaplan
    In the following report prepared on the basis of our analysis of prisoner registration cards in the kartoteka of the Vladimir Prison No. 2, we have generally used the full name and year of birth at the first mention of any prisoner for full identification according to general Russian custom to facilitate follow-up investigations by others who may wish to carry this analysis further. Subsequent mention of the prisoner in the text is thereafter restricted generally to use only of the family name.Read More »Marvin Makinen and Ari Kaplan report 2000

Raoul Wallenberg was shot in the Lubyanka

Google translation from russia:
Chairman of the Presidential Commission for Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression Academician Alexander Yakovlev believes that repressed by Stalin’s regime during the Second World War, a Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg will be rehabilitated by the decree of Vladimir Putin in the near future.
It is officially confirmed that his committee has a decision this fall about the necessity of rehabilitation Wallenberg as victims of political repression. ” “After that I immediately sent a letter to the Prosecutor General’s Office and told of our decision to the president,” – said Yakovlev told Interfax on Monday.

“We must finally put an end to this story, which became sharp international and long poisoned the atmosphere”, – said Yakovlev. According to him, despite the fact that Wallenberg had been convicted by a court for political reasons, the legislation allows the RF to rehabilitate him as a victim of political repression.

According to Yakovlev, the Soviet authorities in the history of the Swedish diplomat who served during the Second World War, the Swedish embassy in Budapest and, using diplomatic status, saved the Nazi-occupied Hungary’s Jews, “finally entangled in lies.”Read More »Raoul Wallenberg was shot in the Lubyanka

Raoul Wallenberg rehabilitated

Google translation from russia: A process for the rehabilitation of repressed by Stalin’s regime during the Second World War, the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg. On Friday told journalists at the Presidential Commission for the rehabilitation of victims of political repression.… Read More »Raoul Wallenberg rehabilitated

Report on the activities of the Russian-Swedish working group for determining the Fate of Raoul Wallenberg (1991-2000)

  • Russian-Swedish Working Group

In almost ten years of work the Russian part of the joint Russian-Swedish group has carefully checked and analysed all the most important archives of the Russian Federation and discovered quite a lot of new documentary information relating to the fate of Raoul… Read More »Report on the activities of the Russian-Swedish working group for determining the Fate of Raoul Wallenberg (1991-2000)

Hungarian Odysseus returned home

  • Catherine LABETSKAYA

Google translation from russia:

It has already revealed Penelope

Andras Tamas, Hungarian soldiers in World War II, the story went around that all the world’s media, he returned to his homeland.  Last weekend, accompanied by the Hungarian diplomats, senior doctor at a mental hospital Kotelnich Yuri Petukhov and a representative of the Hungarian National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology Ákos Worth he arrived in Budapest.  On the bank of the Danube Tamas immediately recognized the landscape and said: “It’s Gellért Hill!” Memory of the patient, which for decades was considered hopeless, returned quickly. In any case, when the Airport before the flight he was offered the mineral water, he said that he would prefer “pálinka” – Hungarian vodka.

At home Tamás be a two-month rehabilitation at the Institute of Psychiatry.Then he settles in a nursing home or in one of the 20 families who volunteer to take the old man.  Announced and relatives – an elderly lady with three grown-up daughters says that she recognized in Tamas her husband.

On the Hungarian “Patient X” (name of Andras Tamas, as conditioned year of birth – 1925 First, he was already in captivity), the Hungarian Embassy in Moscow, first heard two years ago after a Slovak, understands Hungarian, quite by accident found him in a psychiatric hospital in Kotelnich. Here Tamas spent more than 50 years. В 1945–1947. In 1945 – 1947 years he fought, apparently, in the ranks of the 2-nd of the Hungarian army and taken prisoner near Voronezh, was in hospital for prisoners of war.  According to the newspaper “Time of news” program director of the Hungarian Association of International Military Cooperation memorial “War Memorial” Eugene Peel, according to available information in their archives, Tamas had the opportunity to work for lumberjacks in the village.  Bystryagi Kirov region.Read More »Hungarian Odysseus returned home

The Independent Working Group

Makinen/Kaplan: In December, 1993, on a trip to the Vladimir Prison under the accompaniment of Colonel Mikhail Tarakanov, Director of MVD Prisons in the Russian Federated Republic, Makinen interviewed Larina, Varvara Ivanova, a semi-retired sanitarka, who had worked in Korpus 2 since the… Read More »The Independent Working Group