Gromyko Memorandum


Inofficial translation:


In connection with the request of the Government of Sweden the appropriate Soviet agencies were instructed to conduct an examination and verification of the documents relating to Raoul Wallenberg, which were received from the Swedish side during the Soviet-Swedish discussions in Moscow in March-April of 1956, and also in May of 1956.

In the process of examination and verification of these documents the Soviet agencies have carried out a thorough review of the archives relating to prisoner records and investigatory matters, in order to find ,any possible information about Wallenberg. Inquiries were also made of many individuals conceivably connected with the circumstances set forth in the documents received from the Swedish side.

As a result of these measures, however, it has not been possible to find any information relating to the presence of Wallenberg in the USSR. It has been ascertained that none of the individuals questioned knew of anyone with the name Wallenberg. > More

1957, Fredrik von Dardel dagboksanteckningar angående Raoul Wallenberg


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Den 12 januari: Philipps vänninna fru Koblank, som ger fru Axel Axelson Johnson massage, hade uppgivit ett denna var mycket lierad med fru Rodionov, vilket gav Pilipp tanken att hon kunde skriva till fru Rodionov, vilkens man nyligen efter sitt avsked från ambassadörposten i Stockholm blivit chef för ryska UDs skandinaviska avdelning, och be henne intervenera för Raouls räkning… » >More