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Germany intelligence service

Journalist seeks release of secret files on top-Nazi Eichmann

    “BERLIN (AP) _ The basics of Adolf Eichmann’s story are well documented: Commonly known as the “architect of the Holocaust” for his role in coordinating the Nazi genocide policy, he fled Germany, was captured in Argentina by Israel’s Mossad, and hanged after trial in Jerusalem.

    But Germany’s intelligence service, the BND, is sitting on 4,500 pages of files on Eichmann a reporter thinks could fill in gaps about his postwar life: Who helped him escape? How much did Germany know about where he was? Is there more to the story of his capture?

    The files could also help shed light on claims that the Vatican helped war criminals hide or escape after World War II _ allegations church officials have always strenuously denied.Read More »Journalist seeks release of secret files on top-Nazi Eichmann