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Giorgio Perlasca

    Giorgio Perlasca In Budapest

    Perlasca was a commercial traveller for an import-export-company. Following the cease fire in Italy in September 1943, he disappeared in Hungary´s underground as a hostile foreigner. In April 1944 he surrendered to the Hungarian authorities and was interned in Kékes. Despite the good conditions he escaped and succeeded in reaching Budapest in October. As former comrade in the „Spanisch Revolution“ he located the Spanish ambassador. Perlasca was wiling to provide for Spanish Protection houses and in return for this he received a diplomats pass.

    Help For Hungary´s Jews

    8.000 Jews were accommodated in eight Spanish protection houses. Sanz Briz, Spanisch ambassador in Hungary, left the country. Perlasca mirrored himself as Briz´s replacement. He took his inspiration from Wallenberg´s activities. Sometimes they both drove to train stations to save Jews. Approximately 5.000 lives were saved by Perlasca.

    Perlascas Destiny Following Hungarian Liberation

    In June 1945 Perlasca returned to Italy. He had lost all his fortunes. He remained unhounered and lived the rest of his live as a poor man. Forty years later he was recognised for his good work. Perlasca remained a modest man up to his death in August 1992.

    “What magnificient things did I accomplish?

    Above all, I told a great deals of lies.“

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