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The International “Red Cross”

    Jean de Bavier And The “Red Cross“

    The Red Cross was an international organisation and was expected to help. Since 1943 Jean de Bavier was delegator for the international „Red Cross“ in Budapest. The operational circumstances were quite positive but de Bavier´s hands were tied because of the instructions from Genf. In his statements and handlings he was to remain totally neutral. He was not allowed to make any political or religious statements.

    I.C.R.C. Hindered Endeavours

    The International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) made a distinction between foreign and Hungarian Jews. The foreign Jews were known as „civil internees“. From a legalview point the „Red Cross“ were restricted in helping the Hungarian Jews, because this was an internal matter for Hungary. On the 27th of March 1944 de Bavier suggested that the president of the I.C.R.C., Max Huber, should contact Hitler directly. In reply de Bavier was advised to restrain himself and to avoid any form of self initiation. At the same time he was informed of his replacement in Budapest.

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