Lars Brink


Lars Brink’s first research work about Wallenberg was published 2009 in « When threats were strong. The rise of an armed popular movement. » University of Gothenburg
The longest chapter was about Raoul Wallenberg as a military leader in the Swedish Home Guard (1940-1944) and about his achievement in Budapest.

Lars Brink is now working with:
The Research Project
The Young Raoul Wallenberg
A Leadership in Development

Using Education and Entrepreneurship to Combat Evil

By Lars Brink, Licentiate of Philosophy, Project Leader

About the project:

Project Address: Box 25084, SE-400 31 Gothenburg, Sweden.

E-mail: Phone: +46.31.827526 Mobile: +46.707.669292

Phone at the Dept. of Cultural Sciences, University of Gothenburg: +46.31.7861971

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