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Lars Brink

    Lars Brink’s first research work about Wallenberg was published 2009 in “When threats were strong. The rise of an armed popular movement.” University of Gothenburg
    The longest chapter was about Raoul Wallenberg as a military leader in the Swedish Home Guard (1940-1944) and about his achievement in Budapest.

    Lars Brink is now working with:
    The Research Project
    The Young Raoul Wallenberg
    A Leadership in Development

    Using Education and Entrepreneurship to Combat Evil

    By Lars Brink, Licentiate of Philosophy, Project Leader

    About the project:

    Project Address: Box 25084, SE-400 31 Gothenburg, Sweden.

    E-mail: Phone: +46.31.827526 Mobile: +46.707.669292

    Phone at the Dept. of Cultural Sciences, University of Gothenburg: +46.31.7861971

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