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Accueil » NEWS » 09. Wallenberg Appointed to Diplomatic Corp.:

09. Wallenberg Appointed to Diplomatic Corp.:

    Raoul Wallenberg proposed some new demands. The prime minister agreed to his demands. Wallenbergs appointment to the Diplomatic Corp. Filled him with pride:

    “When a Wallenberg is chosen to serve his country abroad, it is his duty to live up to the Wallenberg standard.“

    He was officially trading for Sweden. The fact that instructions and financial aid came from America was kept secret.

    Preparing For Departure

    Two days long, Wallenberg studied the minister for Foreign Affairs´ report on the situation in Hungary. Subsequently he made the following comment, regarding Koloman Lauer:

    “I can´t remain in Sweden any longer. Every day costs people their lives. I shall prepare to travel as quickly as possible.“ Rabbi Ehrenpreis gave Wallenberg a letter for the chairman of the “Budapest Jewish Council“, Samu Stern. Ehrenpreis blessed the protestant Raoul before he departed. On saying goodbye to his friends, Raoul made the following comment regarding his task:

    “I shall try and save as many lives as possible from the „Claws Of Death.“ On the 7th July Wallenberg flew to Berlin. Following a meeting with his sister he then took the train to Budapest.

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