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07. The Extermination

    Deportation, Auschwitz:


    End of April 1944, Adolf Eichmann organized the first deportation of Jews from Hungary. From the middle of the May four groups daily, each concisting of 3.000 Jews, started for Auschwitz.

    By the 9th of July the entire Jewish population with the exception of Budapest, were deported. According to Veesenmayer a total of 437.402 Jews had been deported.

    Protest from Abroad

    In July, the remaining 200.000 Budapest Jews were due for deportation. End of June, Horthy was commissioned by the King of Sweden, the Vatican and Switzerland to protect the remaining Jews. Horthy ordered a stop to the deportation. Another reason being the Allies landed in Normandy, this proved very convenient for Hungary´s internal struggle for power. In the meantime, Eichmann secretly tried to deport 1.700 Jews from an internment camp in Kistarcsa. This was stopped by Horthy.

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