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Accueil » NEWS » 06. Jews under German Occupation:

06. Jews under German Occupation:

    Horthy meets Hitler

    Adolph Eichmann

    In March 1942, following severe anti-Jewish incidents, a new prime minister came to power. Miklos Kallay oppose successfully the deportation plan which was demanded by the Germans. In April 1943, Horthy met Hitler and von Ribbentrop in Germany. Horthy asked what he was to do with the Jews, now that he had destroyed any possible chance of an economical existence, he could not have them all killed. In reply to this question Ribbentrop said: Either extermination or lock them up in concentration-camps. Any other solution was not possible.

    On the 19th May 1944, Germany occupied Hungary. The new government was headed by Döme Sztojay. Edmund Veesenmayer, the newly appointed German ambassador to Hungary and Reich plenipotentiary, travelled to Budapest. Adolf Eichmann was given responibility for solving the “Jewish Question“ in Hungary. He ordered the foundation of a Jewish council, a large number of anti-Jewish laws followed.


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