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Accueil » NEWS » Archivist challenges Kremlin in Wallenberg saga

Archivist challenges Kremlin in Wallenberg saga

    Anatoly Prokopenko, who headed the Special Archive concerning documents from 20 different countries in Europe, says in 1991, he saw files in the KGB archive concerning Raoul Wallenberg and count Mikhail Tolstoy-Kutuzov, who followed Raoul Wallenberg to report to his handlers in Soviet intelligence. Prokopenko was fired a year later having no more access to the archive.Prokopenko advised Guy von Dardel, Raoul Wallenberg’s half brother to ask the KGB for access to the files on Tolstoy-Kutuzov. They answered that no such file existed, but handed to him a few days later a dossier with a few pages lacking reference to Wallenberg.

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