Gaps and questions about the Raoul Wallenberg’s Fate at the Moscow Times

30-09-2016 , by Daria Litvinova

Soviet Prisoner No. 7: The Mysterious Case of Raoul Wallenberg

Relatives are still trying to piece together the story of what happened to a Swedish diplomat abducted during World War II.

This year researchers might be closer than ever to obtaining answers. On Sept. 21, Wallenberg’s nieces Marie Dupuy and Louise von Dardel traveled to Moscow with a group of researchers and lawyers to meet with Russian officials and submit the list of questions, important documents and testimonies required to fill in the gaps of what is now known as the Wallenberg case. They met with the Foreign Ministry and Federal Security Service (FSB, successor of the KGB) officials and were promised full cooperation and all the archival data needed to solve the mystery.

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