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Letter to Tom Lantos from Bill Clinton

    Dear Tom,

    Thank you for your letter concerning Raoul Wallenberg. I too, want the mystery surrounding his disapearance cleared up.

    As you know, since Wallenberg was a Swedish citizen, the Swedish Government, working in cooperation with Russian officials, is leading the investigation into his fate. The Russian government has recently agread to engage in a cooperative search for relevant information. The Swedish-Russian Working group has specific names of former prisoners who had contact with Mr.Wallenberg and has requested permission to visit five Russian cities in May in order to check the files for these former prisoners and to interview older residents.

    I have asked Ambassador Pickering in  Moscow to support this effort and specifically, to encourage Russian governmennt officials to approve the recent working group request. I appreciate the work done by members of Congress on this issue, and my Administration will continue to communicate our shared interest in knowing Raoul Wallenberg’s fate.




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