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Letter to the Swedish Government

    Your Excellencies,

    I am aware that the Swedish government has a long history of investigating Raoul Wallenberg’s fate, as is evident from the information available on the Swedish Governmental website

    In addition to this information, I would like to please respectfully request that the Swedish Government take a formal position that considers the fate of Raoul Wallenberg open until full evidence has been presented of what happened to him after July 1947. The fate of Raoul Wallenberg should be considered to be unresolved until at least August 4, 2012, when he would be 100 years old. Also, I like to reiterate that Raoul Wallenberg has not been formally declared dead and therefore the possibility must be taken into account that he could still be alive. Thus, all means available should be used to clarify his fate, including a financial reward for information. -> More

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