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Letter to the Swedish Foreign office Mr Hamrin (so far no respons)

  • Max Grunberg

In my letter July 18th Minister Freivalds, Prime Minister Persson and other Ministers and Parliamentarians, I have included the following points, with Sweden’s and Ambassador Hamrin’s remark in green to what has been done about it, or not done, and my response in red:

1) To consider the possibility of the Swedish Parliament asking the Swedish government and the Foreign Minister to facilitate a meeting between President Vladimir Putin and the immediate members of the Wallenberg family (von Dardel and Lagergren families). President Putin, as Head of State, has the authority to open key archives, as we have strong indications that highly relevant records are available in these archives. Russia now needs to provide access to these records. (see attached press release, Questions for President Putin) Furthermore, President Putin also has the authority to instruct one of his government agencies to circulate the Missing in Action appeal.

So far no response

2) To issue a statement that the search for Raoul Wallenberg and the clarification of his fate remains a matter of high priority and has the support of Swedish lawmakers. So far no response …. -> More

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