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Letter to President Koelher

  • Max Grunberg

Dear Dr. Jansen and Mr. de Maiziere,

H.E. Angela Merkel Chancellor


Mr. Thomas de Maiziere Director-General Office of Chancellery of Chancellor Merkel

Berlin Germany

May I kindly ask your assistance in obtaining a decision of how your government intends to honor Mr. Raoul Wallenberg and assist in the search for Mr. Wallenberg?

In this regard, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to President Koehler for meeting me in Jerusalem together with the nieces of Mr. Wallenberg, as well as to former President Rau, former President Herzog, former Chancellor Kohl, Prof. Dr. Suessmuth, Mr. Muelmenstaedt and Dr. Nunn for their sincere interest in the fate of Mr. Wallenberg. -> More

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