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Accueil » NEWS » Letter to 5 Ministers about Prisoner nr 7

Letter to 5 Ministers about Prisoner nr 7

    Your Excellencies,

    The Reference Group for Support to Independent Research on Raoul Wallenberg, established by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Sweden in April 2002 in order to advise the Ministry on research grants, has established the following guidelines for evaluating applications in terms of relevance of subjects proposed for research:

    The main purpose of research studies should be to produce conclusive evidence regarding Raoul Wallenberg’s ultimate fate and, if he is still alive, enable him to return to Sweden.”

    In light of the recent developments re: prisoner NR 7 (see enclosed letter Raoul Wallenberg, prisoner nr.7), it is of critical importance that we act immediately to conclusively resolve Raoul Wallenberg’s fate. Our work must commence without delay, as somewhere in the world there may still be individuals (witnesses) with factual information on the whereabouts of Raoul and/or to whom information detailed in the Russian archives might point. The urgency of this request cannot be overstated, since the witnesses we are attempting to find are most likely in their 80s or 90s and their life expectancies are obviously limited. Although such a person is most likely too old today in order to follow the media, nevertheless we know from experience that elderly people, before they die, very often like to reveal a secret – most likely they will tell this secret to a child, grandchild, or a (younger) friend. It is likely that this child, grandchild or a (younger) friend follows the media… -> More

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