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Accueil » NEWS » Holocaust victims, heirs sue 5 Hungarian banks at US court

Holocaust victims, heirs sue 5 Hungarian banks at US court

    “MTI writes that a group of Holocaust survivors and heirs filed a lawsuit in Chicago on Thursday against several banks, including banks based in Hungary, demanding compensation of more than 2 million dollars. According to the plaintiffs, the National Bank of Hungary, the Erste Group Bank, the MKB Bayerische Landesbank and OTP Bank or their predecessors participated in the Holocaust, they were accomplices and instigators by appropriating the assets of Jewish victims”… “The plaintiffs,  who call themselves “Holocaust victims of bank theft” in the document submitted to the Illinois Northern District Court, also demand criminal compensation on top of the 2 million dollars plus interest”….” In February this year, a similar lawsuit was filed against Hungarian state railways MAV, demanding compensation for the company’s involvement in deporting Jews during WWII.” ….”demand compensation worth a total of 240 million dollars. Based on nine years of research, they claim that MAV provided its carriages “being fully aware” that these would be used to transport 437,000 Jews to the gas chambers in Auschwitz between March and October 1944…”
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