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Governmental Releases

    Regarding the indication that the search for RAOUL WALLENBERG should continue as there is no conclusive evidence of his death and that there is still a possibility that RAOUL WALLENBERG could be alive today.


    Sveriges Riksdag – The Swedish Parliament

    27 January 2006 Answer to question 2005/06:821 on the follow-up of the Raoul Wallenberg report: Laila Freivalds, Minister of Foreign Affairs

    “The Swedish Government naturally intends to continue raising with the Russians the question of what further measures can be taken to move forward in investigations regarding the fate of Raoul Wallenberg.”

    A Failure of Diplomacy – Summary in English SOU 2003:18 “Kommissionen om den svenska utrikesledningens agerande I fallet Raoul Wallenberg The responsibility for establishing the entire truth about Wallenberg rested until 1991 with the Soviet leadership and rests today with the leadership of Russia. This Commission considers it unlikely that all the relevant information regarding Raoul Wallenberg has really been released from the former Soviet archives…. -> More

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