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Dr. Vera Parnes

    Dr. Vera Parnes has just passed away. Vera Parnes  was a very active women both in her professional work as to promote Raoul Wallenberg.

    She was born in Mosow, she had a scientific degrees include a Ph.D., Candidate of Medical Studies in the field of Microbiology, a Doctor of Medical Sciences. She was on the first place and inspriring for teaching in schools about Raoul Wallenberg’s struggle for human rights.

    In the 90’s she opened a Raoul Wallenberg museum in Moscow. When she left Soviet union to Canada she founded the Raoul Wallenberg International Movement for Humanity (RWIMH) in San Franscisco and later Montreal. She was also an active fighter for several projects aimed to promote Raoul Wallenberg’s recognition, including the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial and Raoul Wallenberg Square in Montreal, Raoul Wallenberg Day in Canada, and Raoul Wallenberg’s honorary citizenship in Budapest .

    Other projects are a Guide for the Raoul Wallenberg lesson in Canadian schools; a Raoul Wallenberg stamp in Canada, and a Raoul Wallenberg Day in Sweden, Israel, Hungary and Russia. She is a long-term petitioner for Wallenberg’s honorary citizenship in Russia (first suggested in 1990) and Hungary (first suggested in 1994) and is a cofounder (with Jozsef Sebes) of the Hungarian affiliate of RWIMH.

    She had close contact with Raoul Wallenberg’s brother, Guy von dardel who had a big respect for her work. Guy von Dardel said she was the first one who created an association for Raoul Wallenberg. And she had the courage to do it in her small appartment in Moscou, at a time where this was not without risks. Stubbornly, she went on wherever she was, finding all sorts of new ways to create consciousness around the story of Raoul. She went on for decades and never gave up. She was a great lady.

    We are very grateful for all the good she has done.

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