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A remarkable document offered by an American auction house

    Raoul Wallenberg frees a Jewish athlete from the grasp of the Nazis


    When Hungary was taken in 1944, the Nazis, sensing the final decision of WWII, tried to rush their extinction programme. The genocide did not even respect extraordinary intellectual or athletic achievments. Under such horrific circumstances only the personal courage of individuals like Schindler or Wallenberg could save the lives of the Doomed. Wallenberg is known to have saved the lives of several hundred Jews by issuing protective passports. Most of the persons who owed their lives to Wallenberg are unknown. Here is an example of a very well known athlete whose live was saved by Wallenberg.

    What I find particularly intriguing about this document is the encounter of two “heroes”: An “athletic hero” who owed his life to a “hero of righteousness”. I think this is an astonishing piece of history which deserves some attention.

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