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04-04-2010 , by Ari Bussel , ed. The News Blaze

Ari Bussel writes at News Blaze; « For his 97th birthday, just a few months ago, the leading Swedish daily newspaper had an investigative piece to report to the Swedish nation and the world: Israelis are harvesting organs of Palestinians (males whom they kill). Purportedly, some of the very descendants of those who were sent to Auschwitz and other extermination camps, those whose lives were destined to the crematoriums for being sub-humans, filth that needed to be eradicated, were now engaged in similar atrocities. Yet, it is not Israel that lost her humanity – the Jewish people have emerged from the Holocaust and still carry the flame of humanity today, alone in the world. Rather, it is Sweden who has not changed its character since World War II, single individuals notwithstanding.

How can a nation, from which a Raoul Wallenberg had arisen, forget, six and a half decades after his heroic actions, what took place? How can Sweden defend, in the name of freedom of speech or press, the vile accusations setting forth the basis for the next Holocaust? Why bother at all to continue highlighting the deeds of one person, Raoul Wallenberg, when the main message that resonates from Sweden to its own next generation is that of innate hatred toward the Jews and their infestation of the Middle East, that any action against the Jews is permissible even after the Holocaust?

Have we learned nothing?

Today, as I walked past the Raoul Wallenberg statue, I circled it again and again. The sun was at an angle, and I provided my own interpretation. He was here as a reminder to me, not of the Swedes or most other members of the United Nations, another organization that sprouted from the ashes of the Holocaust. Rife with honorable intentions and goals, the UN now serves in the arsenal of the Muslim countries in their quest to eradicate Israel and the Jews.

Raoul Wallenberg is a personal reminder: If we are ever in a position of power (relative or absolute), we must always use that power and position to do good. Power is given or bestowed on us not for our own pleasure or abuse, but so we can use it wisely and channel it to benefit others. » -> More
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