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24000 days

    Today it’s been 24, 000 days since Raoul Wallenberg was arrested by the Soviet Union on 17 January 1945. It took 943 days before Andrei Vyshinsky, the Soviet deputy foreign minister, claimed that Wallenberg was not in the Soviet Union or known to them. This was stated on 18 August 1947. After that, it took another 3, 460 days, until February 1957, before the Soviet Union acknowledged the arrest, and stated that he had died of natural reasons 17 July 1947, after 2½ years in Soviet custody. 16, 000 days later, in November 2000, Alexander Yakovlev, a senior Russian official, claimed that Wallenberg was executed on 17 July 1947. 3, 278 days after the statement, on 18 November 2009, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) revealed that a prisoner nr 7 was interrogated on 23 July 1947. According to the FSB archivists this was <<with great likelihood>> Wallenberg. After that it’s been 319 days of Swedish passivity.

    That makes a total of 24, 000 days of Swedish passivity. During this time there have been countless reports from former prisoners who claim to have met Raoul Wallenberg, many decades after 1947. Now Sweden is given a golden opportunity to ask Russia for the truth, along with the documents which are yet to be released.

    Lately Russia has been making historical documents easy for the public to access, for instance the documents about the Katyn massacre which were published on the Internet earlier this year. It may very well be that they’re waiting for the questions about Raoul Wallenberg to come from the right direction. However, this opportunity must be taken if there is to be a result.

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